Pamper your stomach

Drinking broth helps your digestion and tames stomach problems.

Boost immunity

Diverse microbiota boosts your immune system and keeps you healthy.

Feel & look great!

Collagen present in broth is also good for your joints, skin, and nails.

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Roasted beef broth is simmered 24hrs and the bones are grilled which gives it a more intensive taste. 6 x 390ml Roasted Beef Broth
Healthy and tasty cooking is really easy with our delicious chicken broth. It is simmered 18hrs and has a very fine taste. 6 x 390ml Chicken Broth
Cook healthy, tasty and 100 % vegetarian! Vegetable broth is a vegetarian option for gut-friendly cooking. 6 x 390ml Vegetable Broth
Cook healthy and tasty soups and stews easily with our delicious vegan broth. 6 x 390ml Vegan Broth

All ZeeKitchen’s products are...

"The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but will rather cure and prevent disease with nutrition."

Thomas Edison​

Take care of your gut!

Let’s talk about your gut for a moment.

You might be wondering what all this talk around gut health is.

Why is having a healthy gut so important?

The gut is often overlooked but it is vital for our health and well-being.

It will impact how you feel, not only in your tummy but also your overall well-being. It can shape your mood and behavior.

When your gut is healthy, you feel good and energetic – your best self!

Good news is, taking care of your gut is really easy. Just feed it with plenty of “good bacteria” that can be found, for example, in bone broth and fermented foods.

Take your health in your own hands and feel good every day!

Could pampering your gut make you feel better, too?

We’re not only about broth

Hi, I’m Zainab, the founder of ZeeKitchen!

The story of ZeeKitchen started a few years ago, when our family was confronted with a health problem. It led me to explore the role of gut microbiota in our well-being and holistic solutions to improve our health.

Through ZeeKitchen, I want to do so much more than just sell broth and other products that promote healthy gut microbiota. I want to raise awareness of the importance of gut health and empower each and every one of you to make healthier choices easily – without forgetting that food always needs to taste good.

Do you want to feel better and have more energy?

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