Vegetarian Broth

Cook healthy, tasty and 100 % vegetarian! Vegetable broth is a vegetarian option for gut-friendly cooking.

6 x 390ml Vegetable Broth

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Our vegetarian broth is a must-have for all vegetarian cooks! It is just as tasty and healthy as our chicken and beef bone options.

Ingredients: water, *mushrooms (shiitake, snow fungus), *carrots, *leeks, *nutritional yeast, *ginger, *ghee butter, *onions, *coriander seeds, *garlic, Himalaya salt, *cloves, *turmeric, *bay leaves, juniper berries

*Indicates organic products

Jars are sterilized and can be stored unopened in a cool dry place. Keep in the fridge after opening and use within 3 days.

1 review for Vegetarian Broth

  1. Tanya Deans

    Love this broth, 5 stars!

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